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   “…the stability and form of artifacts should be seen as a function of the interaction of heterogeneous elements as these are shaped and assimilated into a network….
   I call such activity heterogeneous engineering…” (Law 1987, p.113).

About me

Dr. Kaminsky

I am an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Washington. A scholar of engineering projects and organizations, I conduct research on infrastructure for developing communities with a particular interest in topics of social sustainability. While I am particularly interested in the global south, I am also interested in any context that is experiencing significant change in basic civil infrastructure (or, is developing). The practical goal of my research is to make basic civil infrastructure better serve all the world’s people by enabling increased human capabilities.

Prior to entering academia, I spent 6 years working internationally for one of the world’s largest engineering firms. Other than my work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing the banjo, and bad science fiction.

Meet the team

Leigh Allison

Leigh Allison, PhD Student

From Charleston, South Carolina, Leigh Allison is a graduate in Biosystems and Civil Engineering from Clemson University. Leigh’s research interests are in social sustainability and sustainable construction. Leigh loves being outdoors, whether that means hiking, swimming, running, or rowing. She was very excited to start her PhD at UW in 2014 and explore the surrounding areas.

Miriam Hacker

Miriam Hacker, PhD Student

A native to the Pacific Northwest, Miriam completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington. Her current research interests focus on the relationships between cultural understanding and access to sanitation technology as well as social sustainability in international development. Prior to her doctoral studies, Miriam worked in stormwater regulation for a local municipality. Outside of research, Miriam enjoys volunteering with a local non-profit organization, exploring local coffee shops and watching professional basketball.

Selected Ongoing Research

Visual Methods

Visual Methods are well established in many disciplines; however, they are rarely used in construction research. This research stream includes a study of infrastructure change in Mayan Guatemalan communities and another treating uncertainty avoidance through water supply technology choice in Meru County, Kenya (ongoing).

Disaster Migration and Civil Infrastructure

This research stream explores how normative and cultural-cognitive perturbations, caused by sudden and large population influxes, impact established water and sanitation utilities. The first phase of this NSF-funded research collaboration is exploring changes in the organizational structure and process of utilities in the German cities of Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig in response to the current European refugee crisis. In collaboration with Dr. Kasey Faust at UT Austin.


Engineering With Developing Communities

This design course introduces key technologies, theories, and challenges of infrastructure design for development. We will cover technologies for energy, water, sanitation, and disaster response in low-income contexts. We also explore development theory and cross-cultural communication as they pertain to global infrastructure design.

Construction Engineering

Introduces construction engineering including construction methods, engineering economics, contracts, project delivery methods, plan and specifications, scheduling, estimating, productivity, environmental regulations, safety and green construction. Uses scheduling and estimating software tools and emphasizes the communication of engineering information.

Transportation and Construction Capstone Design Project

Comprehensive design project focusing on planning, design, and construction of a transportation project such as highways, transit, and airports.

Recent Publications

Please contact me for a copy of any article you cannot access.

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OPEN ACCESS for the first 50 clicks via this link

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OPEN ACCESS for the first 50 clicks via this link

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Kaminsky, J. and Javernick-Will, A. (2015). "Theorizing the Internal Social Sustainability of Sanitation Organizations." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0000933 , 04014071
Green Open Access copy here

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Green Open Access copy here

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